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Not hesitated to say that  We admire Dr. Shashi Tharoor an inclusive leader
A leader – We Indians deserve, A leader who doesn’t see caste,creed,custom,costume religion of any one. A leader who represents indian-ness. To understand him we must know ” I returned to India because I believe in an India of honesty and hard work, not of corruption and crookedness. I believe in an India of openness and straightforwardness, not of hypocrisy and double-dealing. I believe in an India where opportunities are available to all, and not just to a chosen few.”-Shashi Tharoor . It pains me when Media & folks on twitter distort twist his comments,vilification campaign against him saddens me. My dear Motherland India agree/disagree with Shashi Tharoor but chose his way to criticism him not the way of vilification. Dear Motherland India we have very few genuine leaders who want to save India from sorry fate … We just request please don’t vilify and oppose for the sake of opposition respect the man who has been great advocate of free speech and came back to motherland India to serve us please don’t demoralize, appreciate India’s jewel our hero Dr. Shashi Tharoor … Thank you !   


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